What is CCB and CCR?

The Rebate (CCR) helps families cover the out-of-pocket costs of child care and it is not income tested. Even if your family income is too high for you to receive the Child Care Benefit (CCB), you may be eligible for the Child Care Rebate. It covers up to 50 per cent of out-of-pocket costs, up to $7,500 per child, per year.

How many absences are allowed from child care ?

 CCB , CCR and if applicable Jobs, Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance can be paid in some situations if you are charged for child care when your child is absent. You will get CCB and CCR for 42 absence days per child each financial year. These can be for any reason and will not require proof.

Is the child care rebate means tested?

  Currently, there are two childcare subsidies – the child care benefit, which is means-tested; and the child care rebate, which is not means-tested, and covers 50% of childcare costs but is capped at $7500 per child, per year.


I'm a New Parent - How do I Enrol ?

Enrolling is via the downloadable Enrolment form, fill in the form and either hand it into KCA at the school in person or email it back to us. An annual enrolment fee applies, however you won’t be invoiced for this until you make a booking.  We  encourage all families to enrol in case they need to use the service later. Once we have received the form we will process the information and you will receive a conformation email  from us.

How many days in advance do I need to enrol before I can start making bookings?

  You can make booking as soon as you receive the conformation email from Kids Connect Australia.

Bookings (Before & After School Care)

How do I make a booking for Before and/or After School Care?

  Simply email  and we will respond to you the same day. Availability of positions varies from day to day and permanent positions always take priority. For same day bookings or cancellations please call KCA on 0400 689 149................ Please refer to cancellation Terms and Conditions. 

What is a casual booking?

 A casual booking is a booking that is a non reoccurring.... An additional charge applies to casual bookings. Please refer to the Before and After School Care Rates. 

What is an on-the-day booking?

 This is classed as a Casual Booking.  The on-the-day booking must be communicated  through to the Co-ordinator. Availability for the day is dependent on the daily spare spaces and can lead to disappointment when no spaces exist.  These places cannot be guaranteed.

How can I cancel a booking?

 Please email, No charge will be incurred for the session provided 14 days notice of the cancellation is given for PERMANENT BOOKINGS  and 24 hours notice for CASUAL BOOKINGS in writing.  Centrelink permits 42 allowable absences each year where fee relief is applicable. 


Payment and Fees  (Before & After School Care)

How do you bill families?

 Invoices are billed Weekly  . The amount will be debited from your nominated account within 5 days from the date of the invoice. Invoices are sent electronically to your nominated email address. If you have not been receiving weekly invoices from us please let us know. 

Am I still entitled to fee relief if my income is considered too high?

 The 50% Child Care Rebate is NOT income tested!  Read above about CCR and CCB and learn how you can save on your child care fees. 

How much will I be paying?

 This varies for everyone depending on your fee relief entitlements and payment options determined by Centrelink. Most families  will have a reduction in their fees due to the non-income tested Child Care Rebate (CCR) by 50 %, also so families will be entitled to the Child Care Benefit (CCB) giving an even larger reduction in fees . 



What qualifications do your staff hold?

  All KCA staff are qualified and equipped with the skills necessary to take good care of your child.  Check out our Staffing Page and learn about their qualifications, interests and hobbies.

Will I have any interactions with the staff at your service?

 We pride ourselves on being a personal service getting to know the families of our children, we will meet and greet you when you drop off or collect your child from our service.  The Coordinator/Educators are enthusiastic about giving feedback about your child  and learn as much as possible about the child’s individual needs and interests.  Parents who are new to the service are welcome to visit the service with their children to meet the staff team prior to commencement.



What happens at KCA Before School Care, After School Care, and Vacation Care Program?

 Your child will be engaged in worthwhile activities at our outside school hours care programs.  

Do you provide homework support during After School Care?

 We are happy to assist with homework upon request at After School Care.  

Do you provide food at your services?

 We encourage healthy eating by providing nutritional foods at Before School Care, After School Care, and the Vacation Care Program.  The types of foods available may include toast, cereal, fresh fruit, milk, vegetables, crackers, pasta, sandwiches, and water.  KCA does not provide nuts, however,  some products may contain traces of nuts.  If your child has any special dietary requirements please indicate this on your enrolment form or contact us

Does my child need to bring anything to the service?

 Children are required to bring and wear their own hat for outdoor play for the periods recommended by the Cancer Council for that state.  KCA supplies sunscreen for children to use, however, you are welcome to supply your own sunscreen if you wish.  Although food is supplied at KCA, , we ask that you pack enough food for a regular school day if your child is attending Vacation Care.  You may also wish to pack an old t-shirt or art smock for use during the art and craft activities.  

How do I leave feedback and/or suggestions on the service?

 We always encourage feedback and activity suggestions so that we can better cater to your needs.  The service has a suggestion box which you can contribute to. If you’ve had a positive experience at Extend we’d also like to encourage you to write a testimonial so that we can share that with others.  

What happens if I’m running late to collect my child?

 We understand that there may be a once off occasion where you may be running a few minutes late.  Please contact your the service directly to inform the program staff. Additional fees may apply. 

Can I contact the service directly?

 We understand that there may be a once off occasion where you may be running a few minutes late.  Please contact the service directly to inform the staff.   


Vacation Care Program FAQ

How do I book in for KCA Vacation Care program?

  You will  be able to book in for Vacation Care once the Vacation Care program is available. This form will be found on our website and there will also be paper copies located at the service.

Do I need to enrol to book in for Vacation Care program?

 To access KCA all children must be enrolled and have completed the annual enrolment form prior to booking in to Vacation Care.  

How do I pay for my Vacation Care bookings?

 Vacation Care invoices are billed fortnightly in arrears, and must be paid in full before the commencement of the Vacation Care start date.

How much will I be paying?

 This varies for everyone depending on fee relief entitlements and payment options. The good news is, most people will have a reduction in their fees due to the non-income tested Child Care Rebate. Simply estimate your out of pocket expense using our fee relief calculator.  

What do I need to bring to Vacation Care Program?

 To ensure your child has the best experience at KCA Vacation Care, we would like to remind you of a few items children should bring each day: Snacks , Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea, Lunch , a water bottle, suitable clothing/hat for the weather, suitable footwear, and an art smock or clothing suitable for art or messy activities. Also check the activity descriptions for any additional items to bring on specialty days. Please note that we can not warm any foods for your child.  

Can I contact the service directly?

  On your first day at the program you can obtain the service’s direct mobile number from the Co-ordinator and save it to your phone for easy access. Please note this mobile phone will be switched on only during the service operation hours.