Vacation Care Program – December / January

Please be advised, that unless the centre has a copy of your child’s Immunisation History Statement, then your child will not be enrolled in the vacation care program. Please note that all enrolment forms must be returned by the 16th December at 6pm.

Please return only pages 6-11 of the enrolment form and keep the rest for your information.

PDF: Easter - April - Vacation Care Program 2017


Frequently Asked Questions:

If we have attended CWOOSH Vacation Care before, do we need to fill out the VC enrolment form again?

Yes. It is important for us to have any updated contact information and a current enrolment form to confirm booked days.

Can you hold a spot until an enrolment form is completed?

No. You must return the completed enrolment form. We will not hold a place for your child/ren without the booking form.

We have booked days for our child/ren however what we need has changed. Can we swap or cancel days?

Before Vacation Care has started, you can swap or cancel days, provided there is a spot available on the day you need. After Vacation Care has started, days may not be swapped or cancelled.

Can we make a booking during Vacation Care?

Yes, provided there are spots available. Please note that we do get fully booked on some days and a spot may not be guaranteed. Do not expect to walk in on a day and have a place available.


Fee Schedule – Vacation Care

Effective: 30th January 2016.

Vacation Care Sessions:
For One Child in care – $55 per child

“Additional Costs” for special activities will be additional to these costs and are listed on the Vacation Care program

There will also be a $5.00 surcharge per day / per child to families should their children not be provided with lunch during vacation care.

This $5.00 will cover the costs associated with providing your child with lunch that day.  Lunch will now be a sandwich prepared by an KCA staff member as per our Nutrition policy.